IoT is transformational to systems, devices, technologies and applications—across industry and around the world—driven by:

  • an expectation by businesses and consumers that all things will be “connected”
  • increasing capabilities and lower cost of microcontroller and communications technologies
  • the explosion of cloud-based data gathering, processing and sharing platforms

GS1’s “Global Language of Business” connects the physical and digital worlds. Identification of objects, assets, locations, etc. and automatic data capture are powered by GS1 barcodes and EPC/RFID. GS1 standards for data sharing enable interoperable, trusted and transparent data which are foundational to unleashing IoT capabilities.

GS1 also provides a trusted foundation for the responsible use of the technologies behind its standards—paving the way for the future of IoT by providing best practices for risk assessment and data protection.


GS1 recommends the use of existing data standards in enterprise blockchain implementations.

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Ensure that your solutions are built on a foundation of standardised identification and data exchange that is truly interoperable and global.

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