GS1 Thailand Rights

  1. To administer the standards system in its territory and be the sole representative of GS1 and EPCglobal Inc. for that territory.
  2. To  be granted a license from GS1 to administer an unique number bank (i.e. country prefix(es)) for the purpose of allocating identification numbers to users of the standards.
  3. To provide services in its territory in relation to the use of the standards system.
  4. To distribute the standards and publications issued by the Association.
  5. To request and obtain such information as may be available in the Association on matters of interest and concern, including advice and assistance.
  6. To have usage rights to the trademarks of GS1 under the terms of a license agreement.

GS1 Thailand Antitrust Caution 

Participants on GS1 Thailand Boards, committees, task forces, work groups, task groups, or other similar bodies, must always remember the purpose of the Board, committee, task force, or work group is to enhance the ability of all industry members to compete more efficiently and effectively to provide better value to the consumer or end user. Because GS1 Thailand activities almost always involve the cooperation of competitors, great care must be taken to assure compliance with antitrust laws. This means:

  1. Participation must be voluntary, and failure to participate shall not be used to penalise any company.
  2. There shall be no discussion of prices, allocation of customers or products, boycotts, refusals to deal, or market share.
  3. If any participant believes the group is drifting toward impermissible discussion, the topic shall be tabled until the opinion of counsel can be obtained.
  4. Meetings shall be governed by an agenda prepared in advance, and recorded by minutes prepared promptly after the meeting. Agendas, where appropriate, and minutes are to be reviewed by counsel before they are circulated.
  5. Tests or data collection shall be governed by protocols developed in consultation with and monitored by counsel.
  6. The recommendations coming out of a GS1 Board, committee, task force, work group or task group are just that. Individual companies remain free to make independent, competitive decisions.
  7. Any standards developed must be voluntary standards.