Barcode verification

Today, 100% reliable GS1 Barcodes are an absolutely vital part of the supply chain. Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world rely on GS1 standards to conduct business and meet consumers’ expectations. That means that if a barcode cannot be properly decoded or is scanned with a delay it’s more than just time at the cash register or the warehouse that is lost. Every time a human has to manually enter data into a system there is potential for error as well as delay. Inaccurate sales data affects reordering and inaccuracies in the receipts and despatches from a warehouse mean that items are ‘lost’ in the supply chain or that items appear to exist that are not really there. Each single case is perhaps small but the cumulative effect is very large.

As a result users around the world increasingly require that the barcodes on the products they purchase conform to GS1 standards. A barcode verification service provides neutral evaluation of barcodes and helps to ensure better reading rates thus supporting the drive for accuracy and efficiency of barcode scanning.