Get A Barcode

Do you want to get your own barcode? Want to sell your product for retail sale? Or selling product online? You will almost certainly need to have identifying barcodes on the packaging by join GS1 Thailand membership.

Being GS1 Thailand member, not only get a unique GS1 number and barcode for your products. You will also receive many benefits from us.

The steps to get the barcodes from GS1 Thailand

1. Choose a type of barcodes that you want to assigned and the level of the membership.

  •   GTIN – 13 / EAN – 13    for general product which can be use globally

2. Complete GS1 Thailand application form.

3. Attached all required document. (Required Documents)

4. Submit directly or send the registered mail to GS1 Thailand.  After we checked all documents correctly, we will request the membership fee via the email. (Registration and Membership Fee)

5. Pay the membership fee and send pay-in slip to GS1 Thailand. (How to pay)

6. We will send the approval letter with unique GS1 number.

7. Member register their product information on our GS1 TH Member Portal to end a process.

GS1 Thailand Member Privileges

1. Get a certified Global Location Number (GLN) use to identify company and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) use to identify product.
2. Receive barcode guidance handbook on size and color in electronic files.
3. Free for first year member, can attend Basic Barcode Training Course (Certificate Program) and GS1 – 128 on Supply Chain Training Course (one session per courses / maximum 2 person).
Over 6 months member, training fees will be based on the member rate.
4. Members can attend GS1’s seminar and training in member rate.
5. Free Barcode Verification based on member’s rate click here to see the rate
6. Free Membership Certificate
7. GS1 Thailand e-newsletter available here.
8. Get unlimited consultation on GS1 standard from our specialist.
9. Members can attend GS1 Thailand Annual Meeting
10. Members can register their product identification number in Member Portal service that link with Application “Smartbar” without any charge.

Ten steps to GS1 barcode implementation User Manual

The most important implementation resource for barcode identification are the over 100 GS1
Member Organisations in countries all around the world. This guide takes new barcode users
through the basic steps they must take to begin using barcodes.

Download Ten steps to GS1 barcode implementation user manual