FAQ : Frequently Asked Question

ANSWER  The registration will be difference depends on each type of member. For more detail please click
ANSWER  The fee will be averaged for each month. If you register within the first half of year, we will consider the membership periods up to December.
If you register in the half year later, we will combine with next year fee.
ANSWER  We will inform the code within 7 days (official day) after received all the documents and payment.
ANSWER Can use one photo or brochure or artwork label.
ANSWER  No. Cancellations must be submitted Cancellation Form. All documents must be authorized and signed by the authority with company seal (if any) and submit the signed documents back to us within the time limit set forth in the invoice.
ANSWER If the company has registered less than 1 year, do not submit the profit and loss statement. We will consider from registered capital.
ANSWER  The Power of Attorney can only be made when the authorized person can not sign the application form, to authorize another to sign. The general Power of Attorney Form can be accepted. And signed by the authorized person, the attorney, and the witness.
ANSWER  If authorized person has completed and corrected all the documents. Other people can submit documents instead of making a power of attorney.
ANSWER Online registration means the member filling out the online form and must print the application form and submit the application form to the GS1 Thailand in person or by mail. After staff check the documents are complete, accurate, then we will inform detailed and payment amount by email.
ANSWER Requesting a membership certificate Downloadable from Documents Download. Please attach a copy of your recent annual payment slip and fax to 02-345-1217-18. Approval for membership certification will be within 4 working days.
ANSWER Members must re-apply for the old number by paying the fee amount 7,000 Baht + current year membership fee and submit your application and required documents.
ANSWER Bars must have a cool dark tone and the space must be a light tone. (Black bar and White space are recommended) Please refer to the barcode user’s manual to use the other color.
ANSWER The annual membership fee will be adjusted due to the profit and loss statement in the income before expenses, if more than 1 million baht annual membership fee will be adjusted to be higher. And can not be reduced to the rate of the first application again.