Wawa Service and Marketing Group Co.,Ltd.

Wawa Service and Marketing Group Company is a technology company. Our main product is Wawa-X Software, an enterprise-level customer relationship management system.

Services & Solutions

1) WaWa-X can systematically assist B2B businesses with 14 core modules. This tool enhances sales management by systematically recording and analyzing data. We enable efficient and effective performance tracking to increase sales opportunities and enable quick decision-making to maximize enterprise benefits.

2) WaWa-X enables integration into other business systems and frequently-used systems, including ERP payment systems, tax systems, financial software, and other tools, to ensure consistency and seamlessness across all channels.

3) Users can access real-time information on the analytics dashboard to gain actionable insights and monitor performance. The analytics capabilities enable businesses to track trends, identify opportunities, and optimize strategies for better outcomes.

4) WaWa-X provides robust security measures to protect sensitive information (AWS) that comply with relevant regulations and standards, protecting valuable data with high-tech security.

5) WaWa-X can be designed and customized to adapt seamlessly to customers’ unique business requirements or needs, ensuring every interaction is tailored to drive meaningful connections and enhance satisfaction.

Contact Information

  • Sadudee Ngamwaja

    Personal Assistant

  • support@wawa-x.com
  • +6692-492-2497 , +6689-440-7546
  • 928 Block 28 Building D Floor 3 Room D307,D308 Chula Soi 7 Wang Mai, Pathum Wan Bangkok 10330