TradeLink Technologies Ltd.

TradeLink Technologies creates forward-thinking supply chain solutions. Founded in 1999, our focus is to connect global brands with their third-party suppliers and logistics partners, through the use of innovative and scalable tools. Our mission is to provide supply chain partners with the technology and expertise to increase Shipment Visibility and Accuracy that covers end-to-end supply chain processes starting from Raw Material Tracking, Purchase Order Management, Supplier Enablement, Production Monitoring, Shipment Scanning, Labeling, Direct to Retail from Origins, Invoice automation, and Trade Finance.

Services & Solutions

  1. TradeLinkOne Portal – enable visibility for packing and shipment information as it was created and moved. TL utilized a combination of cloud based applications coupled with a light weight scan and pack solution.
  2. PackOne – one of the first to combine a cloud based portal with a thin client server application which performed a true scan and pack with the ability to do container loads.
  3. eLinkOne – a cloud based label pre-gen process that can create the GS1-128 carton label and ASN.
  4. WIPOne – a work in progress bar coded enabled solution developed for manufacturers to help plan and monitor their production process


Contact Information

  • คุณพงศ์ปิติ อิงเจริญสุนทร

    Senior Consultant Professional Services Dept

  • +661-494-5363 / +666-1494-5363

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