Wawa Service and Marketing Group Co.,Ltd.

MyWaWa is an online platform for B2B trade that serves as an intermediary between suppliers and buyers. As an e-marketplace, it aims to provide suppliers with an online sales channel to expand their customer base. The platform offers tools that facilitate business transactions for both buyers and suppliers, similar to how Tinder matches individuals. With MyWaWa, buyers and suppliers can easily find the products and businesses they need, all at the convenience of MyWaWa

Services & Solutions

1) Search : by search engine or filter by product category

2) Review : Visit Supplier Profile and review company or product details

3) Connect : Connect to ask more details or request for quotation

4) e-KYC / KYB : Each Buyers and Suppliers will pass through verifying process before create a trade

5) Trade Secure Order : Protect every order that made through MyWaWa by secure payment platform

Contact Information

  • Sadudee Ngamwaja

    Customer Success

  • support@mywawa.me
  • +6696-267-8578
  • LINE OA: @mywawasupport