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Lina Network is a subsidiary of Smart Link Swiss (A multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland), specialized in Blockchain – Big Data – AI. Lina Network provides corporations and organizations with digital transformation solutions by a wide range of products in multi-sector including Product Review, Agriculture, E-commerce, Healthcare and Government. In 2018, they aimed to serve upto 10,000 Corporations in 2028 with more than 100 Blockchain Research Institutes; 10 E-Government Countries.

Currently, Lina has cooperated with more than 8 companies in Thailand such as S.A.P Siam Food International Co.Ltd.; AIM THAI Group; Lawola Thai Herb Tech Co., Ltd; Kongfawattanawtt Co., Ltd;… in building Supply chain on Blockchain and more than other 30 Companies in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, India…in Fintech activities.


1. Lina Review: a transparent assessment platform for product and service quality, thereby, provides the most reliable references for users. In addition, it is a place where brands listen to genuine feedback from their customers to improve their products and services, hence leading toward long-term business value.

2. Lina FarmTrust: Lina Supply Chain team launched “Lina FarmTrust” based on the Blockchain platform with the desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world. The application helps production enterprises to recognize and track all information from the stage of harvesting and processing agricultural products to distribution; hence, creates a uniform, stable, and certified quality products.

3. Lina MarketTrust (Coming soon): an agricultural exchange that connects manufacturers and consumers. Lina MarketTrust associates, supports and provides market data, in an effort to help our clients gain full control of supply and demand, thereby bringing forward more accurate manufacturing decisions.

4. Lina eGovernment (Coming soon): an application that digitizes all information of an individual, verified by the government. The system comprehensively secures information by combining biometric data with personal PIN and operates on Blockchain technology to improve the consistency and transparency.

5. Lina MediTrust (Coming soon): an electronic health record storage and management system (EHR), built on the Blockchain platform. It solves the shortcomings of the current EMR and allows patients to actively own and use their medical records if needed.​

Contact Details

Trang Pham
CMO Marketing

1435 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
T: (+8428) 5412 3006

Smart Link Swiss GmbH Head office:

Hinterbergstrasse 49, 6312 – Steinhausen, Switzerland


Lina FarmTrust Platform

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