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Since 2002, Identify has been dedicated to helping our customers improve efficiencies and simplify processes for faster, easier, and more cost-effective data collection through RFID technology. We focus ourselves as one stop service for RFID technology. Our service covers supplying RFID hardware, providing RFID solutions and delivering RFID turnkey solutions. In terms of hardware, we supply all types of RFID both active and passive RFID technologies. Our principally RFID solutions are: returnable asset traceability, fleet visibility and intelligent cabinet solutions. Besides on the shelf solutions, we have provided RFID consulting service and implementing to different markets and industries including medical, retail and logistic sectors.


  1. Vehicle Tracking on Cloud
  2. Returnable Asset Visibility on Cloud
  3. Fixed Asset Visibility
  4. POE Access Control
  5. Marathon Timing Solution
  6. RFID Smart Seminar

Identify RFID Introduction Video:

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