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LINA Network JSC

LINA SUPPLY CHAIN Introduction Video:

LINA Network is a subsidiary of Smart Link Swiss (A multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland), specialized in Blockchain-Bigdata-AI.

An ecosystem of LINA Network with Review, Supply chain, Healthcare and Identity for the Corporations. LINA Network aimed to serve to 10,000 Corporations in 2028 with more than 100 Blockchain Research Institutes; 10 E-Government Countries.

Currently, LINA has cooperated with more than 8 companies in Thailand such as S.A.P Siam Food International Co.Ltd.; AIM THAI Group; Lawola Thai Herb Tech Co., Ltd; Kongfawattanawtt Co., Ltd;… in building Supply chain on Blockchain and more than other 30 Companies in Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, India…in Fintech activities.


1. LINA Review: By being implemented on Blockchain technology, data will be guaranteed immutability and transparency.

2. LINA FarmTrust: LINA Supply Chain team launched “LINA FarmTrust” based on Blockchain platform with the desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world. The application helps production enterprises to recognize and track all information from the stage of harvesting and processing agricultural products to distribution; hence, creates a uniform, stable, and certified quality products

Address: 1435 Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+8428) 5412 3006

Smart Link Swiss GmbH
Head office: Hinterbergstrasse 49, 6312 – Steinhausen, Switzerland


<a href = "">Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd.</a>

Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd.

Siam Toppan Packaging Co., Ltd., a Joint Venture between SCG Packaging Plc. and Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. established in 1990. We strive to develop customer products more differentiate from the others by focusing on attractive, durable and distinguished design and quality by innovative technology.

We provide to our customers:
1. Variety of packaging material, including paper/metalized folding carton, offset-corrugated folding carton, plastic clear-cased, direct contacted food packaging, blister card, and Point of Purchase (POP) for display.

2. Decorate your packaging for more attractive by special option facilities, including gloss-finished with UV or water-based varnish, hot stamping, embossing, emboss-look printing and Emboss-Look 3D printing

3. Packaging consult service extensive for every packaging category from Research and Development team especially for value added ideas by special printing technics or increasing your production efficiency.

4. We provide Structural and Graphic design to create elegant looking with cost-effective manufacturing.

5. Die Making plate service with high precision and quality.

6. Assure our quality with International Standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TIS 18001, GMP, BRC/IoP, FSC and Sedex

Address: 543 Bangpoo Industrial Estate Soi 9 Moo 4, Sukhumvit Road, Preaksa, Muang, Samutprakarn 10280 Thailand
Tel. +66 2709-3110-2
Fax. +66 2709-3250

<a href = "">Honeywell Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.</a>

Honeywell Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that delivers industry specific solutions that include products, software and connected solutions to improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe.

Honeywell’s business creates mobile computers, printers, data capture devices, and software solutions that improve worker productivity in thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. Honeywell helped pioneer the barcode scanning market in the 1970s, and over the years its new innovations have helped retailers, distributors, and industrial users achieve significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy in their operations.

Our products and solutions for customers
- Distribution Center/Warehouse
- Manufacturing
- Transportation and Logistics
- Retail
- Healthcare
- Cold chain storage

Address: 252/121 25th Floor, Muang Thai-Phatra Office Tower II, Ratchadapisek Road,
Huay Khwang, Bangkok 10320 Thailand
Tel: +66 2290 7000


<a href = "">Planet Barcode Co., Ltd.</a>

Planet Barcode Co., Ltd.

As our company has continually grown in barcode scanner and barcode printer business with a lot of customers for many years, Planet T&S Co.,Ltd. established our subsidiary company named Planet Barcode Co.,Ltd. in order to serve such growing business with better efficiency in services. Planet Barcode Co.,Ltd. will provide Auto ID products and services which can help lowering cost, reducing defects, increasing efficiency and effectiveness as well as boosting up competitiveness for Thailand’s businesses and industrial sectors.

1. Factory Automation Cable
2. Cable Carriers
3. Sensor and Safety Systems
4. Barcode wireless RFID Systems

Address: 42/1 Rama 9 Soi 43, Seree 4 Road, Suanluang, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250
Tel: +66-2718-9935-7
Fax: +66-2720-3343

<a href = "">C.G.S. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.</a>

C.G.S. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

C.G.S (Thailand) Co. Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry.

Today, we expand our business lines to support the Thai small and medium size enterprises by offering the suitable packaging solutions technologies for their business and to help the Thai industries moving forward to Packaging 4.0.

We import and distribute the packaging technologies such as on-demand label digital printer, label applicators, packaging design software, automation packing machines, and also serialization, traceability and tracking machines from diverse countries.

Products and services
1. Esko (Germany) - packaging design software and prepress equipment
2. Quick Label (USA) - on demand digital label printing
3. Econocorp (USA) - automation packaging machines
4. Tecma (France) - automation packaging machines and robots for packaging industry
5. Optel (Canada) - serialization, traceability, tracking and inspection system
6. Oris (Germany ) - digital packaging prove on the actual materials system
7. Eye C (Germany) – File and print inspection system

Address: 370/7-8 Rama IX Road, Bangkapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel: +66-2369-2990

<a href = "">Harn Engineering Solutions PCL.</a>

Harn Engineering Solutions PCL.

Harn Engineering Solutions Pcl. is a Thai Company uninterruptedly carrying out business more than 50 years, The 3 businesses consist of 1. Business Unit: Fire Protection & Safety, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary System 2. Business Unit: Refrigeration System and 3. Business Unit: Digital Printing System. The BU: Digital Printing is organized in 3 group as follows: - Coding Machines and Equipment for manufacturing/expiry date and lot number coding, UV Digital Inkjet printer and 3D Printer.

1. Coding & Marking Solutions
2. Variable QR / 2D Coding Solutions
3. 3D Printing Solutions
4. After Sales & Services

Address: 19/20-22 Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Tel: +66 2203 0868
Fax: +66 2203 0245


<a href = "">Advanced Business Solutions and Services Co., Ltd. </a>

Advanced Business Solutions and Services Co., Ltd.

1. Barcode solutions and auto ID
2. Handheld computers
3. Warehouse management software
4. Media Supply

Address: 18 Soi Sukonthawat, Ladprao 10230
Tel: +66 2793 5888
Fax: +66 2793 5898,2793-5899

<a href = "">i-Sprint Innovations</a>

i-Sprint Innovations

i-Sprint Innovations is a leading provider in Securing Identity and Transactions in the Cyber World. One of i-Sprint product offerings is on Identity of Things allow enterprise to minimize counterfeiting, track and trace product, and harness business intelligence for better business planning and personalized direct interaction with customers.

1. Bank grade product identity solution to protect brand from counterfeit product
2. The ability to monitor and track products movements in distribution channels
3. Additional content via the internet which valuable consumers’ insights can be obtained while ensuring consumers’ privacy and data are protected using bank-grade data protection technologies and know-hows
4. Real-time sales tracking
5. Marketing campaign measurement
6. Direct engagement with customers with personalize message

Address: Level 32, Interchange 21, 399, Sukhumvit Road, North-Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +65 6244 3900

<a href = "">TradeLink Technologies Ltd.</a>

TradeLink Technologies Ltd.

TradeLink Technologies creates forward-thinking supply chain solutions. Founded in 1999, our focus is to connect global brands with their third-party suppliers and logistics partners, through the use of innovative and scalable tools. Our mission is to provide supply chain partners with the technology and expertise to increase Shipment Visibility and Accuracy that covers end-to-end supply chain processes starting from Raw Material Tracking, Purchase Order Management, Supplier Enablement, Production Monitoring, Shipment Scanning, Labeling, Direct to Retail from Origins, Invoice automation, and Trade Finance.


1. TradeLinkOne Portal – enable visibility for packing and shipment information as it was created and moved. TL utilized a combination of cloud based applications coupled with a light weight scan and pack solution.
2. PackOne – one of the first to combine a cloud based portal with a thin client server application which performed a true scan and pack with the ability to do container loads.
3. eLinkOne – a cloud based label pre-gen process that can create the GS1-128 carton label and ASN.
4. WIPOne – a work in progress bar coded enabled solution developed for manufacturers to help plan and monitor their production process

89/15 The Privacy Prime Place, Moo 5 Bangrakpattana, Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi, 11110 Thailand
Tel: +66 1494 5363

<a href = "">Zincode Technologies Co., Ltd. </a>

Zincode Technologies Co., Ltd.

1. Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC Barcode Products)
2. Machine Vision Inspection
3. Print Inspection
4. Label Verification

Address: 117/51-52 Moo 18, T. Klongnueng A. Klonglung P. Pathumthani, Thailand 12120
Tel: +66 2529 5641-2
Fax: +66 2529 5643


<a href = "">Identify Limited</a>

Identify Limited

Since 2002, Identify has been dedicated to helping our customers improve efficiencies and simplify processes for faster, easier, and more cost-effective data collection through RFID technology. We focus ourselves as one stop service for RFID technology. Our service covers supplying RFID hardware, providing RFID solutions and delivering RFID turnkey solutions. In terms of hardware, we supply all types of RFID both active and passive RFID technologies. Our principally RFID solutions are: returnable asset traceability, fleet visibility and intelligent cabinet solutions. Besides on the shelf solutions, we have provided RFID consulting service and implementing to different markets and industries including medical, retail and logistic sectors.

1. Vehicle Tracking on Cloud
2. Returnable Asset Visibility on Cloud
3. Fixed Asset Visibility
4. POE Access Control
5. Marathon Timing Solution
6. RFID Smart Seminar

Address: 99/28 Software Park, 7th fl Changwattana Road Pakkred, Klong Grua Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand
Tel: +66 2582 3714-5
Fax: +66 2962 0816

<a href = "">MM & NN Co., Ltd.</a>

MM & NN Co., Ltd.

1. Barcode Verifiers and Equipment Services
2. Touch Screen Equipment Services
3. Design and Produce Sticker for Barcode
4. Hand Labeling system Services

Address: 117/51-52 Moo 18, Klongnueng, Klonglung, Pathumthani, Thailand 12120
Tel: +66 2878 3215
Fax: +66 2878 3214-3

<a href = "">Kovic Kate International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.</a>

Kovic Kate International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kovic Kate International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s top manufacturers of food supplements, cosmetics and traditional herbal products. The company uses state-of-the-art technologies and revolutionary equipment to develop a wide range of premium products for both domestic and international markets to fulfill the increasing needs of health and beauty minded consumers. Kovic Kate has become well-known in the health and beauty industry for more than 20 years. As a testament to Kovic Kate’s manufacturing capacity, the company has been meticulously engaged in every step of its high standard quality control, ranging from the good quality support and technical knowledge to the competent staff. The company is certified by GMP, HALAL. HACCP and ISO standards.

1. International Supplementary Food
2. Cosmetics
3. Traditional Herbal Products

Address: 76/60, 76/62, 76/64 Changwattana Road,
Anusawaree, Bangkean, Bangkok 10220

Tel: +66 2521 7888-9
Fax: +66 2521 7890