On June 14, as dawn broke in Bangkok, PROPAK ASIA 2019 was commenced. “We highly recognize the potential of LINA NETWORK’s solution for Supply Chain in the supervision and tracing of agricultural products,” commented the Chairman of AIM Thai Intertrade.

PROPAK ASIA 2019 in Thailand is one of Asia’s largest technology exhibitions, attracting 50,000 visitors in 79 countries. On this occasion, LINA NETWORK has momentously introduced a blockchain application in Supply Chain management, garnering serious attention from production and export enterprises present at the exhibition.

This is the result of 16 months of product development and the strategic collaboration with GS1 Thailand, one of 114 members worldwide of GS1. This organization develops and maintains global standards for business communication, the best known of which is the barcode – GS1 barcodes are scanned more than 6 billion times every day.

The beta version of LINA NETWORK’s blockchain application in Supply Chain allows consumers to retrieve and verify information about the origin of a product from material collection to finished packaging. The detail on each stage of product processing is recorded permanently and immutably on the blockchain.

Product details are retrieved within 5 seconds after scanning the QR code printed on a sample product with a mobile application developed by LINA NETWORK. Such data are provided by Aim Thai Intertrade and migrated onto a private blockchain maintained by LINA NETWORK.

In the near future, with LINA NETWORK applications in Supply Chain, consumers can verify the origin, quality, production processes and standards of the products they intend to purchase. This way, they can feel more secure and confident in shopping and consumption.

For manufacturers, applying LINA NETWORK’s solution in Supply Chain can help fight counterfeit and defective goods, which have no required data on the blockchain. To that end, additionally, LINA NETWORK has been proposing and advocating the development of complementary technologies that prevent counterfeiting QR code, such as the QR code laser printing technology, UV labels, and translucent printing.

If a QR code from real products is pasted onto a counterfeit product, it can be detected with LINA NETWORK’s machine learning system from a combination of scanning times, locations, and frequencies.

For more information, please refer to the demo videos at PROPAK ASIA 2019:

Mr. Huynh Nhat Duat, Head of Supply Chain at LINA NETWORK commented, “At the core of our Supply Chain application is a sophisticated permission system that regulates many different certain roles across the supply chain: supplier
management, QA/QC, manufacturing management, distribution management, etc.” This can improve the state of information transparency for further review by outside consultants and auditors.

At PROPAK ASIA 2019, Mr. Nanthasak Intharasorn, the IT Manager of GS1 Thailand, further commented, “currently, LINA NETWORK is our Platinum partner of GS1 in Thailand market and I look forward to a strategic collaboration to integrate this Supply Chain application into our barcode system in order to usher the state of product traceability into a new level of the Industry 4.0.”

After experiencing the application demo with AIM Thai Intertrade products, Mr. Tossaporn Thedsomboon, Chairman of AIM Thai thanked LINA NETWORK for choosing AIM Thai Intertrade as the first partner to apply its Supply Chain
application. He commented, “we highly recognize the value of the blockchain application provided by LINA NETWORK. This technology can help thousands of manufacturing and export businesses in the fields of agriculture, fisheries,
seafood, etc. to get approval for the origin and quality of their products from consumers. AIM Thai Group will become a pioneer in applying blockchain in Supply Chain in the very near future. ”

The official version of LINA NETWORK’s Supply Chain application is slated to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2019.