e – Catalogue Service

Products and Services Information Exchange by using UNSPSC code

Currently, many Thai people prefer to shop via online market, the number of online entrepreneurs also continues to grow. Buyers can check the product information online before shopping at the store. But the main problem is finding an online product still hard. The United Nations Standard Product and Services Code (UNSPSC) and Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) are used to link the products data since Manufacturer Plants, Distribution Center until stores. There is a reference to the product by standard, description, and they can link data throughout the supply chain.

Want to optimize your own business? Do not miss!!! Say goodbye to messy product information management. With UNSPSC codes that help classifying goods quickly and easily, international level. Upgrade your business by e-Catalog Service

Catalog system that links data to the same standard. Create a single product catalog. But it can meet the needs of all partners, no more headaches with file formats or databases anymore.

So GS1 Thailand and the Federation of Thai Industries have cooperated with government agencies, to develop the e-Catalog system to record product database to the same standard internationally for GS1 Thailand members.