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Improving the whole system management is the important way to create industry’s competitive capability, which GS1 Thailand perceives it as important issue. Therefore, we decide to have an GS1 IN-HOUSE TRAINING Programs providing in manufactory or organization by sending our experienced technicians to educate and advise to your place. This aims to make worker in every levels, interested people and public or private organization understand deeply about the best way to practice on global management.

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GS1 Barcode

Introduce and advise about GS1 barcode, Automatic Data Capture, Barcode components, Barcode structures, including GTIN 13, GTIN 14, GS1-128, and also barcode implementation.

10 Steps to GS1 Barcode Implementation

Introduce GS1 barcode and 10 steps to implementation which aim to improve business operation by including Assign Identification Numbers, select a Bar Code Printing Company, Pick the Bar Code Placement, example of adjusting barcode in logistic and supply chain management and so on.

GS1 Barcode and EPC/RFID implementation on logistic and supply chain management

Understand GS1 barcode system that recently use, especially with GS1-128 using in transportations. You will also understand about EPC/RFID (Electronic Product Code/ Radio Frequency Identification Technology) which use in logistic and supply chain management in business sector and Thai industrial sector.

Barcode Verify for efficient implement

Understand the role and importance of barcode using on supply chain, the condition and technique on using barcode, selecting barcode’s color contrast, location symbol and so on. You will also understand the barcode standard and the process on barcode verify which will include the way to adjust and improve the quality of barcode.

GS1 Barcode in Advance for Business Efficiencies

Explain a barcode’s overall, understand GS1 Identification Keys, the implementation of barcode symbol: 1D barcode, 2D barcode, GS1 data barcode and GS1 Data Matrix and also GS1 barcode solution.